July 24, 2021

DJ CLA 07.24.21
Start : 10:00 pm
End : 2:00 am
Location : 333 11th street, San Francisco CA

DJ CLA – Open Format . Vegas Sound

“I come from California. I fell into DJing. I was in college and it was a side job that I did on the weekends… extra money, you know. One day I was at a gig, and I was watching the crowd dance. I think I was getting paid $20 an hour at that time, and you know, that’s pretty good for an hourly rate. It didn’t feel like work for me and that’s when I realized I wanted to DJ. I was like, “Wow, everybody’s happy around me, I’m playing music, they’re dancing, they’re having a great time. Maybe I want to pursue this a little bit more.” So I bought my own turntables, practiced at home, hit up house parties, fraternity/sorority parties, and just got my feet wet here and there. I graduated college, ended up moving to Vegas, and then, meeting a lot of people in this town and this industry, I saw that you could make a living being a DJ here. So, I just got into the scene here, made good connections, good friends, learned from them, went to clubs, and studied my friends who DJed. Luckily, a lot of my DJ friends are guys that have been in the industry for like 15 years, so it definitely helped as a female, because female DJs weren’t really big during the time that I started. But I think in the past four or five years it’s really started to come up.”

Doors open at 10pm | 21+

VIP Bottle Service | Dress Code